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defense companies. it's also other companies that get a lot in the way of government contracts, and there's companies here, get 50% or more of their sales from government contracts. really interesting stuff. it's not just, again, defense companies. you're going to see waste management in there, an environmental company. motorola in there as well. we talked to fidelity. they are concerned as well telling amists to watch for certainly insexes -- indexes and others that cover financials and others cited there. adam: i have friends saying there's no fiscal cliff, it's make believe trumped up by the media and parties to scare people, get rate, and, perhaps bring about policy that's not true. look at the companies, the fact that the government -- look at the contracts that would be canceled, those are people who would lose jobs in several months. the recession that the cbo is legitimate looking at that list. >> that's right, adam. it's interesting because it flushes out what companies basically operate on the iron lung, with an iron lung, because of the government subsidies. it was interesting
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proliferation about half the area, wrong and dealing with russia on arms control and missile defense, wrong on china. i could go on, but i think that -- lou: we are about to run out of countries. >> the president got what he wanted. it will be more of the same. lou: to you agree? >> i think it is a pretty good choice. he won the election. he gets to choose. confirmed pretty readily? represents a sort of mainstream of american foreign policy, a little bit less for me, but not as far left as the first joist. lou: interesting, john mccain and others came out with really unreserved support for senator kerry. let's turn, if we may, to the failure in benghazi. and this report looks to me, i no there are varying views on this. and other whitewash, it seems. >> and the misses the point. we know what happened before and during periods grew up some allies, cover-ups. to me with the important thing is, what happened afterwards, which is nothing. then never hunted down, retaliated, responded. look at what happened to the original september 11th. 1998, attacks on u.s. embassies in east frica and in 2000
is making him bullish, believe it or not. and it is time to get defensive. larry, we will begin with you. how can you see this sorting out at the end of the day, a big deal, a little deal, no deal at all, what is the outcome? larry: the odds are pointing to a mini deal. expectations for a big deal are fading and fading quickly. it looks like it will be a mini deal with the tax extension will help those making under $250,000 per year and will not address the debt ceiling or spending or anything like that, it will be a patchwork of things that will make the market very nervous but given it is christmas eve, people are little bit negative but most christmas shopping. david: larry, round this time the irs issues its formal withholding guidance for the coming year. >> it'll be a bigger document than what we are used to because it will be giving guidance they are not sure even how to give guidance because they don't know what will happen. what i have been told by traders and people working in that industry is they will get guidelines assuming some sort of mini deal gets done. this is how you s
it comes to a number of defense cuts when it hits in their districts a number of them, if it hits companies in their districts well you have to stop defense cuts using an economic argument. when you talk about the $94 billion, well, yes there are economic effects that will be felt, the $94 billion in cuts down as sequester, you have to put that in perspective the sandy supplemental bill started out $60 billion. one storm could wipe out all the savings or. adam: that sandy supplemental bill is 60 billion, 45 billion according to taxpayers for common sense is stimulus spending that doesn't involve the hurricane. dan, i will come back to you after we listen to sound bite from harry reid, senate majority leader commenting on the negotiations today. here is what he said. >> okay. we had a long meeting in the white house. it was very constructive. we hope that it will be bear fruit but that is what we hope ad lot. i think that the next 2 hours will be very instructive what we're able to accomplish. >> was there progress? discussion of a concrete proposal? >> we talked about a lot of things. there
for the pentagon. defense cuts are coming in a big way. a look at world currencies and how they are holding up against the dollar. ♪ [ malennouncer ] it's tt me of year again. time for citi price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you realldon't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and if it findone, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase online. have a super sparkly day! ok. [ male announcer ] now all youeed is a magic carriage. citi price rewind. starsaving at citi.com/pricerewind. dagen: more good news for recovering the housing market. home prices in the 20 city index grew 4.3% from a year ago. chicago, new york were the only two cities with negative returns and october. starbucks urging washington to come together on the fiscal cliff. literally. the ceo is building employees that all d.c. area employees should write things on the cops. they want to serve as a rallying cry. of course, that is also a marketing ploy. you can get there from here
of the defense cuts spending in the sequestered items, but until now, no discussion at all about what happens to the other things other than income tax rates, and that's deflationary. good point. allen harry, seems to me, talk oil, allen, fluxuating, and we had a report that gasoline supplies with a nine month high on weaker demand. oil, is this the range to be stuck in for awhile, do you think? >> no. i think right now, and anything above $90, it's a buy, and as buy nd long in that level. i think we might see 92.50 to 94. there's going to be a parcel package, a sideways range, but not in the 91 range long. we'll break from there and go to 92.5 to 94. ashley: brent, at 110, the benchmark grade if you'd like for more than half the world's crude. do you expect brent to be remain above 100 in the coming year? >> short term, bullish on crude oil. longer term, there's an oversupply now, so longer term, bearish. we are below the hundred dollars in brent, but right now, anything above 110, it's a buy. ashley: long wti and short on brent? >> no, long both. ashley: long both. interesting. >> yeah, lo
their mortgage interest deduction, whatever that will look like. but what about spending cuts? is it defense cuts? is it health care cuts? where are those cuts going to come pro? >> we've already made some cuts in defense. obviously with sequestration there is a lot more. i think sequestration is not the way to go. we could do a better job prioritizing. they will come out of a lot of areas. agriculture, we put together a farm bill that cuts 23 to 35 billion. you put that in the mix. again we have to go through all aspects of government to figure out where we can save and at the same time we've got to reform entitlement programs to make sure they're is vent for the long term the those ideas have been put forward. we have to come together on a package and do it. adam: this is simple yes or no, senator before i let you go. are you here monday night talking to us about how we go over the cliff or do we get a resolution, yes or no? >> yes, i think there is chance we will be. the house is coming back. that's a good sign. let's get everybody here. let's get after it. adam: senator john hoeven, one of th
suppression. our next guest defense the tough voter id law say it is a paramount important that we protect the integrity of the process and make sure voter irregularities and voter fraud is eliminating. joining us now, attorney general of south carolina, great to have you with us.at first, your reaction to what the first lady had to sy. >> i obviously disagree with the first lady.with in every state i looked at, georgia, indiana are two states, section five, one is not a section five states. when they have had laws with a federal id for theoter registration card actually minority that is a went up in subsequent elections and participation.s. lou: when you talk about the five states, those are states because of civil rights transgressions 60 years ago, 50 years ago, they still remain under the watchful eye of the justice department for a revision in their electoral laws or procedures, right?pro >> absolutely. states have asked the federal government permission before they can implement a law thathe affects elections, but in a state passing a law, that she, went up in a state of georgia, up
: one survey found the two biggest items in the budget, foreign aid. >> not social security, not defense. john: probably less than 1% of the budget. >> roughly 10% when you put them together. john: or social security or medicare 10 times bigger. >> people think about how much they like people and whether or not they like you, they decide if you are training the budget. john: up next, what are you afraid of? i bet what you fear isn't the thing that's going to get you. that's next. >> do you worry about terrorism? >> yes. speak especially from the east coast. john: right. anybody ought to be worried about terrorism. á$+q)o a few miles south. me ask you, are you worried about terrorism? raise your hand if you worry about. okay. do you worry about your home catching fire? >> yes. john: okay, you are an unusual group. or people are more worried about terrorism, but much more likely that your house will catch fire. i don't think we worry about the right things. how about crossing the street? 5000 people get killed every year. what scares you more, who is scarinscared of flying? who is scared
're not getting any tax cuts, and it was a defensive argument on a fundamental issue rather than pointing president obama had twice argue in public that raising taxes in an economic downturn would doom the economy. the president of the united states said that and iran on a proposal. lou: two things that seem peculiar. i would love for both of you to respond. i heard a lot of bonn, abou the tea party. the tea party did not exist in this election. it was a non fctor. why in the world would there be so much concerin the republican party about the tea party. why was there an idea that you're better off today than you were four years ago and pick 2008 as the year, he baseline, and it was a lousy year. in point of fact, just about everybody is. what o you make? very quickly. >> your immediate questn, yes, we were better off than the depths of being in a whole. president clinton explained the argument that we were climbing t. by that time election day, th percentage of people is of the country going in their right correction,saw the economy improving, higher than has been, ronald reagan when he
is following right now. north american aerospace defense commander norad is currently tracking santa's progress. so far st. nick delivered 2.3 billion gifts. he has a way to go. my little guys are waiting for their presents. joining me from norad for the latest update is captain jeff davis. i know you're so busy tracking santa tonight. anything he should look out for, any weather problems? anything that might slow him down. >> not at all. we're looking very carefully. looks like it will be smooth sailing for santa tonight as he delivers presents around the world. melissa: how is his progress so far? 2.3 billion, that is a lot of presents. let's not kid ourselves, he has a lot of ground to cover. >> he does. he is only a third of the way through his journey. we have him leaving down in the antarctica area, headed up towards madagascar. we're having him, looks like he will be over the eastern part of the united states about 9:00 p.m. tonight. melissa: wow! where has he been so far? >> well so far he has covered all of asia. started off in the island of wake and moved over japan, china, russia, au
employed and worked beautifully, and a defense contractor. it's a miracle that we made money on some of them. >> we really dn't make money on them. i know they have the announcements out, you know, citigroup paid back and goldman paid back and remember how they made money? they rigged the system. they took interest rates to zero, and qe1, 2, 3 and 4, but that comes out-- that's like saying, i can make money if you just give me money and i can borrow at zero. absolutely rigged system. >> agree charlie and make money, and still made money. charlie, they still made money and we were not expect-- >> that's all-- >> and you're both right in your respective position, but gerri willis, to echo something charles said at the outside, we went from too big to fail to too many not to help and precedent is we'll do it again and again and again. >> they owe us 7 billion dollars and give us our 7 billion back. even if you're in favor of the gm bailout they put out a truck on the road that the hood latch doesn't work, that's being recalled. how many ways can they get us, taxes and products that-- >>
-standard, gerri. it just drives me crazy. where is the sierra club? where is greenpeace, natural resources defense council, so-called environmental groups, why aren't they sustainedding up for the small landowners? these people are really getting a raw deal and the wind energy companies of course are making handsome profits but these individual landowners are getting the short end of the stick. >> i wouldn't be happy if one of those set up next to me. >> you certainly would not. gerri: let me ask you about something called the energy strategy council. >> right. gerri: they're suggesting starting a national energy strategy council. >> sure. gerri: would come up with a policy, soup-to-nuts, every federal agency gets involved. possible? >> sure it is possible. this is the federal government after all but, what bothers me is that there are, this idea that we'll have quadrennial review, a 4-year plan just like the pentagon. i don't know that is the best model to work on. gerri: i have to ask you about bp today. >> sure. gerri: because there's big news coming from bp. the federal government says you're
deans of the natural resources defense council at the top of the hour. stay tuned. and let's go back to nicole for a check on microsoft right now. of course that's stuart's favorite stock. what's it doing? >> that's right, he always discloses that he owns some shares. well, if he were to be watching right this moment he'd be disappointed because the stock here is down nearly 1%. the biggest loser in the dow jones industrials and the experts have been watching the shopping this holiday season, are not seeing the shoppers really buying windows 8, the latest microsoft software and saying while the parking lots have been full in the malls and such and apple store is bustling and people are leaving with packages, while people are intrigued with microsoft 8 they're not really getting in there and buying the new computers. so weak pc sales are hurting microsoft overall and windows 8 is just not bringing them in. down 1%, 27.20. >> stuart's symbol, when the stock is above 30, he's smiling and when it's below 30 never smiling, thank goodness he's not here, i don't want to see him pouting. >>
there and makes money. maybe i should start in illegal business. advise me as my criminal defense attorney. >> you will be the are an awful -- hon., wonderful person that you are. melissa: there is no penalty. >> it takes five minutes to develop an l.l. seat. limited liability company that you can develop online. it takes five minutes. what you need to do is in a regulatory fashion the police have to monitor a better so they can coordinate with each other so that they can crack down, break it down, and prevent people from selling whenever it is, what a personal services, whether it'sandbags, or whether it's anything else that's inappropriate, illegal, unlawful. melissa: you think people should be worried about running illegal businesses online? >> have to tell you, if it is an online business you have a much better probability of driving in it, ding it, becoming enough to been york, and succeeding than if you opened the shop but everyone could see a year. it's a big problem. melissa: give me your advice. >> no. and where i practice in california, there are taskforce at crack down on counterfeit ha
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programs that count anymore, health care, social security, defense, interest on the national debt. if you eliminated everything else, we still wouldn't have a balanced budget. david: david wyss, thank you very much. the n.r.a.'s wayne lapierre says we should put armed guards in schools. we talk to a former d.e.a. agent who has thought this out coming up after the break. [ malennouncer ] it's tt time of year again. ti for citi price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castlehing. and you realldon't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and if it finde, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase online. have a super sparkly day! ok. [ male announcer ] now all youeed is a magic carriage. citi price rewind. start saving at citi.com/pricerewind. david: joining us one of my favorite people, scott shellidy from the cme. we just heard a lot of talk about how we are heading towards the fiscal cliff, whether they want to or not, i don't care, but the fact is if we do, does that
stagnant wages. unions are the last defense against corporate republic has incredible political power and economic power more than it should have. we don't have good representation i government il: professor, you teach this in your classes. if i were in your class you would fail me. >> absolutely not. students look at data they reach their own conclusions and often look at union data and reach the conclusion that it is a backstop between american workers being paid a living wage and not being paid a living wage. >> you know it is interesting that you would bring that up because, that is probably how this particular argument got started the problem was that is got started in 1960 when ports were becoming more automated. the crux of this particular fight is about a royalty that was going to unions to compensate them for the fact that ports were becoming more automated and less union workers were needed of the so they paid the this royalty to help ease them into the transition, that you just needed fewer workers because that is how society works. things get more automated. we're more pro
mouth shut because i think truth is a defense and it's unfortunate if in fact the case he has been punished either by the consumer or investors for that matter for speaking out personally or politically but here's the reality of the battlefield. noing's changed post-election. as opposed to pre-election. the uncertainty of the tax situation, the fiscal cliff that everyone is tired of hearing about, frankly. the overburdensome regulatory environment that we're in is depressing growth, particularly for small business. and i think that's a primary distinction here as we talk about business itself because all business is not created equal and the president's jobs council who has some wonderful folks, some friends of mind on it, wholly inefficient in my view because there is no representation from small business on that jobs council. melissa: yeah. catherine, let me ask you, when i look what happened in this case of darden because it seems like something that has happened to a bunch of different companies, my takeaway at the end of the day for sure they're not going to hire anyone and th
.igh here to weigh in, legal analyst and, criminal defense attorney. i want to go to you first. at the end of the day this whole thing is just an argument about> was the senate in session or was it not? >> the president may have skirted the law little bit like sidelining it, but did they cross over the line? no. does this happen all the time?li yes. itss does. t >>he the skirted the law like im wearing a skirt. gerri: that would be known. >> let's take a step back and design for this was to do. the founding fathers said look, if you have to make a temporaryr appointment, the senate confirm it, we will not drag the senate back in, so mr. president do what you have to do, goes for the convenience of the senateth not to screw the senate which is what the president is doing.we gerri: this is a family show. was a president trying to get around the senate? do something a senate did not like? >> he may have skirted, but he did not go over the line. so legally it is proper. you can't argue with that. >> they killed it, he threw it out the window. because first of all it is in recession. they're su
washington might be sending cows off a cliff.nfc, afc, offensive lineman, defensive tackles, quarterbacks and cornerbacks are all working with united way. for a million little reasons. the kids of our communities. to ensure their academic success, all the way to graduation day. it takes about 12 years to create a graduate. it takes the same time to create a dropout. and the difference between a kid becoming one or the other could be professional athlete. or it could be you. studies show, the earlier we get to kids, the better their chances. so become a united way volunteer reader, tutor or mentor. make a difference in the life of a child. for the life of that child. give. advocate. volunteer. live. united. join your favorite nfl players. take the pledge. go to unitedway.org. ♪ tom: washington still fighting over the debt deal. farmers are worried about dairy deal. the farm bill is set to expire at the end of the year along with everything else that is going on. the senate agricultural committee chairwoman pushing for a short-term extension to avert the cliff. but if that does not happen
actually being shut down on the defense contracting side and other government services not being paid for. that i can see. much higher taxes soaking up the revenue. so yes, that is a big thing. this is all gamesmanship about going over the cliff. both sides can say they win if they go fo over the cliff, oddly enough. and that is where we are going. shibani: i wants to ask both of you, when are we going to get back to fundamentals? the bottom line for investors, when are we going to get back to fundamentals, what month, what quarter in 2013? >> i think it will be in a couple of weeks here in january. it is earnings season, we will get a picture into what companies are seeing. it is almost irrelevant what happened in the fourth quarter. we want to pay attention to what they're seeing from their customers looking into the future. shibani: what are you looking for in 2013? >> i think we will get there when we figure out this cliff situation and the other half when the fed lays off the pedal because that is the other real peace driving us, driving the market beyond the market fundamentals. dav
's not just defense, but health care, you know, environmental waste services, and fidelity says, watch out, banks are going to get, of course, hurt too. mia activity is off 20% because they -- the capital investment, the capital spending is not there. you know, rich edson has been reporting this that, you know, it's hanging right now on the house. there's more than a dozen seats that the democrats hold in the senate that are -- those guys are in the red states so if they vote for any type of tax hikes with the midterms coming up, those senate democrats are looking for cover from the house. house moves first to give them political cover. then you go over the cliff, this is the chatter on wall street, and early in january, first few weeks of january, rich herd heard it too, there's a deal, everybody is a victor. whether or not the tax hikes hit the $250,000 crowd is the big question mark because that is solidly middle class, and midterms, nobody says it's a hit for the upper bracket. it's a middle class tax hike. shibani: we know nothing new was presented on the table. what does the presiden
some of the defense stocks are faring. ♪ . ashley: well guess what? deckers, the high-flyer today. the maker of ugg boots and other accessories like handbags, up about 8%, making it our power mover of the hour so what is behind this? we're looking at one-year chart. what is behind the big rally in deckers? a few things to consider. it is coming off the bottom. let's come back over here. dropped beginning of the year. trying to make a comeback. what is good? the weather. a powerful storm pounding the midwest, making its way to the northeast dumping up to two feet of snow in some areas. traders are speculating more people are going to the stores to pig up more boots, ugg boots. the uggs by the way, the number one searched product online, beating out tablets like the apple ipad. maybe they were just made a mistake on the typing came out as ugg but hey, they're doing well. lastly big short on the stock. deckers float is held by short sellers who were betting on lower prices when they cover their positions of course it puts upward pressure on the stock. deckers up 8.28% at this hour. >
a lot less economic activity, and particularly in the military sector, i think defense procurement will ground to a halt, and that will have, again, an impact on the economy and it will be deleterious. david: let's talk about the politics of some of this. >> sure. david: nancy pelosi -- i very rarely agree with her as you well know. >> i do know. david: but she said something i kind of agree with. she was talking about the republicans. she was defending her comment last may that taxes should only go up on people earning a million dollars. she's come down now to the president's level of 400,000. but she said -- she counter attacked as she often does, she said republicans have already become a little bit pregnant on their tax plans that they're never going to ever raise tax rates. i would have to agree with her. once boehner went off his cliff, if you will, on his pledge not to raise tax rates believing as you just suggested if you raise tax rates, you will probably have a slowdown in economic growth. once they went off that cliff -- what do you think? >> well, i agree with both you
got is a political attack from senator harry reid, a defensive move from the republicans, they're going at it and the dow is down 91 points. >> mel brooks at the governor says we have to save our phony baloney jobs. they are not. stuart: we have new numbers just out showing the number of workers on disability, social security disability, has hit a record high, 827,725 as of dec.. joining us is the author of hollywood hypocrites'. we have got social security, record number of people on disability, record deficit for social security, $47 billion a year, almost $1 billion a week flowing out more than coming in and young people, you voted for no change to entitlement, keep on paying for old people. what is going on? >> that is right. jasey told us to vote for barack obama. the irony is many young people look at social security and may know it is not going to be around for them in the future. they are not planning their lives and certainly not their retirement banking on social security solvency. the problem is you have the republican party who rrfuses to address letting younger wor
purposes, some punch with them and some use it for self-defense. stuart: have you ever seen anything like this before? am i right in saying your sales this year are double what they were at? >> combined they are. you saw an increase in 2009 but not like this. stuart: what about handguns? >> those with ten around plus. stuart: how do you feel about selling that kind of weapon? >> i think it is our right to buy them. the government has taken steps to fill out paperwork to own them. not just people walking off of the street without being checked. stuart: we appreciate you being with us. that is important information that is appreciated. almost out of time but we have time for the highlight reel which is next. >> it's the highlight reel, the outrage wheel. mr. putin banning american adoptions because america criticized the human rights record. >> outrage, regardless of obama, there's opportunity for people who live here. >> all hypedded up here. >> like a political poker chip. you want to live in russia wheee poverty rates are soaring or the u.s.? it's nay eve to deal with russia this way. >>
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